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Normally the word crustaceans would conjure up images of sea creatures, however woodlice are a crustacean of the land dwelling variety. They breathe through trachea-like lungs which are in their back legs (which are paddle shaped). They need to live in damp places as they lose water rapidly by excretion and through their cuticle.

Although these creatures are sometimes relished by gardeners as they help to cultivate compost, they are also known to feed on strawberries and tender, young seedlings.

If these creatures should venture indoors and pose a pest then it is almost certain that you have a damp problem which they are inadvertently alerting you to.

If you remove the damp problem then you will remove the pest. They are not known to spread any diseases and they will not damage solid/sound wood or structure.

Should you find that they are becoming a pest on your property seek a qualified pest controller for the best course of forward action.