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The most common species of ant in this country are the Black Garden Ant, which despite it's name is in fact a dark brown colour. It is the worker ants that you will find invading your property/garden while they are foraging for food.

They measure between 3mm and 5mm in length and are attracted to sugar and sweet foods which they will take back to the nest in order to feed their queen and her larvae. 

Flying ants are the reproductive males and females when they are ready to mate. They can only fly, however for a few days and this typically happens in July and August. They will mate in flight after which the female will find a suitable new nesting site and she will remain there through the winter months until she is ready to start her new colony, by laying eggs, in the spring.

Pouring boiling water on the nest site (which is often identified by piles of earthy pellets or by observing the movements of the ants) will not solve the problem but it can offer a temporary relief. You will also need to administer insecticides. Not all insecticides will kill all species so you must ensure that you use the right one.

Insecticidal lacquer can be used around doors and wall/floor junctions or along where the ants run. 

Some products contain Borax, which confuses the ants and causes them to destroy their own nests. The bait is also brought back to the nest where it is given to the larvae and the queen.

A less common species is the Pharaoh's Ant which is mostly found in centrally heated blocks of flats. These ants are much smaller and unlike the Black Garden Ant's attraction to sweet foods, these prefer instead protein based foods. The nests of the Pharaoh's Ant is often inaccessible as they tend to choose to nest within the wall structure of buildings. 

Ghost Ants are also becoming more common (although still not as prevalent) and they also prefer the centrally heated blocks of flats to nest in. These are smaller than the Pharaoh's Ant and are pale bodied with a dark thorax and head. These Ants must be left to trained, professional pest controllers.