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Moles can cause devastating damage to your garden/land. They tunnel through the soil using their large front feet and as they have incredibly poor eyesight (due to living underground) they are rarely seen above ground. This makes them very difficult to catch without specialist knowledge.

Infestations of moles can make the ground unstable, holes will appear which damages the foundation of the land and becomes a safety risk. It is also an unsightly problem and any keen gardener will shudder at the sight of evidence of these pests.

Moles can dig through 18ft of soil/hour and work in 4 hour cycles of work and sleep which means they can dig through up to 72ft of soil each time they wake. 

The hills they leave behind are not only unsightly but cause damage to farm machinery and pose a danger to cattle/sheep/horses treading in the holes and spraining/breaking their legs.

Moles can also spread diseases by distributing Clostridium and Listeria from the underground soil. This can pollute silage and then effects sheep and cattle which feed from it. This can not only lead to severe illness but it can be almost impossible to detect until the sudden death of livestock alerts you to its presence. 

Moles also spread Weils disease (which is often also associated with rats). Weils disease can be deadly.