​​​​​​​​​​​Mid Wales Pest Control

Mice and Rats: From £105 for 3 visits (including a full survey)
Moles: £25 setup fee then £15 per mole caught (free return if any activity in first week after removal of traps)
Wasp/Hornet Nests: From £40 (£15 for additional nests at the property at the time of the visit)
Fleas/Carpet Beetles: From £80 for upto 3 rooms (additional rooms £20 each)
Ants: From £45
Cluster Flies: From £55
Bed Bugs: From £180 for upto 3 rooms (recommended 3 visits required for complete eradication)

Many other pests controlled. Please contact us for a personalised quotation.

​We offer a 24 hour service (£75 callout fee between 7pm and 8am)

01597 735 033 / 07852 775 379​ /​​​midwalespestcontrol@gmail.com