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Another busy winter for us.  There seems to have been a massive influx in rodent activity nationwide and we have certainly seen an increase reported.  This has presented a wide variety of locational and geographical problems, all of which have now been resolved, with more happy customers, both domestic and commercial.

We have also had a few interesting jobs proofing after the control measures.  We have faced adversity but we have prevailed.  


Wow, it's been a while since I updated this.  A testament to how busy we have been.  There have been cluster flies, wasp nest, moles, fleas, bedbugs, rats, mice and a menagerie of other pests we have been called out to control.  All in all we have been incredibly busy and met a few challenges along the way, but we are very pleased to have left every single one of our customers happy with the resolution achieved.  We have sought the advice of experts in particular fields too to ensure that everyone receives the very best service from us.  Without our customers we have no business, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that everyone is happy before we finish.   


We have all been enjoying the sunshine and hasn't it been lovely to leave the house without needing wellies and a waterproof coat! As we have been getting the sun cream out, wasps have been spreading their wings and becoming more apparent.  Only this morning whilst out walking our dogs in a local park, we spotted a wasp chewing at a wooden bench to take back to expand the nest, watching him as he flew away we noticed that he was actually going underneath the bench and there in the corner was a nest just starting to form.  We went and grabbed our kit to destroy it so no-one would inadvertently sit down on top of it. 


Yet again we have been kept on our toes over the past few weeks.  We have restored peace to a house that had had a previous failed flea treatment by another company. We treated a carpet beetle infestation emanating from an old carpet that was stored up in the attic. They had then dropped to the floor below and were creating a secondary infestation there too.  

There have also been flour beetles, wasp nests both on houses and even one inside a bird box.  The bird box was carefully removed, wasp nest treated and removed then the bird box was replaced as if nothing had happened.  

Alongside all of this there have been a lot of less eventful jobs and the rolling contracts that we have at various businesses and chicken units etc.  Never a dull moment in the life of a pest controller.


Wow, it's been a while since I posted here. A testament to how busy we have been, I suppose, and we have been busy. It has been lambing season and that never arrives without a few hurdles along the way, fortunately for our clients it's nothing that we can't handle.  Add to that the chicken units needing rodent control to satisfy food premises legislation, cluster flies emerging after the winter and various other pests seeking shelter indoors from what has been a peculiar spring, weather wise.  We have certainly been kept out of mischief. 

Now we are preparing for the wasp season and joys that summer brings. 


Well, yet again, it has been a busy month. We now a golf course to control rabbits and moles so the golfers can tee off without the little hills getting in the way. 

We also seem to have quite an influx of rodent control jobs coming in. Although the winter has been relatively mild, we are all aware of how wet it has been, this has brought the little critters inside so they have been keeping us busy. Alongside all of that we have had a couple of flea jobs to do and our contracts to monitor. At least it keeps us out of mischief.


Happy New Year to you All.

I'm sure the last thing on your mind at the moment is pests, but rest assured we have been hard at work making sure that our customers don't have to worry about them.  It seems the little critters don't seem to understand that it has been Christmas and New Year holidays for most people.  Not that we mind at all, we see it that we have given the gift of peace of mind to all those that we have helped and that makes it all worthwhile.


I know it has been a while since I wrote anything here. We have been busy in that time with an array of pest problems from fleas to spiders, rats, mice, moles and various others.

We have also attended some addition training sessions to ensure that you are provided with the best service and quality possible and we have a few more lined up over the next couple of months.

We always strive to be aware of any new technologies and developments, our knowledge and expertise is something that you can depend on. 


Well I can't believe it has been a month since I updated this, we have been so busy that time has flown by.  We have set up a few more contracts with local businesses and domestic premises.

We have also had quite a few calls about wasps becoming more aggressive so we have been dealing with them. It is that time of year when they do become more restless and aggressive.

On top of that we have had a new mole control contract set up in a churchyard and today we have squirrel proofed an attic that did have a problem, which we have controlled. Once the proofing was complete we cleaned and sprayed an odour neutraliser to freshen the space, making it usable once more. 

We have also been advising about flies in an attic with bats and an ancient building with a woodworm problem, so even if we cannot physically help we can offer free advice on steps that can be taken on all sorts of obscure and delicate situations.


More wasps causing havoc in sheds, woodsheds and cavity wall spaces including a warehouse and office who couldn't open their windows on one of the rare hot days this summer. All sorted quickly and everybody is now enjoying the fresh air once again. There were also 2 rather large nests at someone's home and although one of them was in an awkward place we managed to get it done. They are not safe wherever they try to hide.

We have also resolved another mole problem and eliminated a rat issue at another property.

Busy, busy, busy. Just the way we like it.


Again it has been a hectic couple of weeks.  There seems to be an influx of foreign (invasive) bees making a nuisance of themselves. .

We have caught a problem squirrel in an attic and have sealed (proofed) against further invasions. We have also destroyed a few more wasp nests, including one on a wheelie bin! They really will build anywhere.

There have been more moles and another mole job starting tomorrow and a rat caught under the decking in a customers garden. 

We have also been checking in on our contract customers and making sure that they are all happy and rodent free.


Well, the wasps are really starting to become a pest now and they have been keeping us very busy indeed. From up the rafters to down in the garden they are growing and becoming more noticeable. Along with wasps there have been mice upto no good and more moles causing havoc to gardens and mowers. 

All in days work for us though and we couldn't be happier. It may seem odd but we do love our job.

In the last few days, amongst other things, we have finished a rodent job at someone's property, including proofing the drain entry point, caught a problem mole that was decimating a garden as well as treating a few wasp nests. We have made our customers very happy especially as one of the wasp nests we managed to get to in under an hour and another over the weekend. It may be a costly added extra with some companies, but to us it is all part of the service. Our aim is to make you happy.


We have been kept busy these past couple of weeks with the wasps becoming active and starting to build their nests. 

We have also noticed that ants have started to show themselves again and it wont be long before these are also making a nuisance of themselves too. 

We have been checking on our commercial contract set ups along with rats, mice and squirrels that were causing havoc in peoples homes. Not to mention the fleas, bedbugs and moles.

Every day is different and we have been enjoying the challenges that each and every job is producing. Lots of happy customers. We are not satisfied until our customer is satisfied so we are happy too.